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Stress, Anxiety, Grief Workshops

Educational Workshops

Carol offers customized workshops & presentations on a variety of life- and work-focused topics. She is a dynamic, fun speaker who cares deeply about…

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Astrology Counseling - Carol Pilkington

Astrological Counseling

The nature of astrological counseling is not based on an assumption that one needs fixing or is sick. It can be used to help a person uncover…

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Spiritual Counselor - Carol Pilkington

Spiritual Counseling

As a spiritual counselor and teacher, I combine over 30 years of metaphysical practice and training to assist a student on a path to deeper understanding & self-awareness.

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Meditation Guide - Carol Pilkington

Mind Mastery Meditation

Mind Mastery Meditation is about the practice of mindfulness in our daily life that goes beyond the techniques of meditation. We tend to want to…

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Conquering Anxiety,
Stress, and Isolation

8-Week Workshop on Zoom

Talking about these things helps us know we are not alone. As we hunker down in the statewide imposed quarantine and social distancing practices, these feelings can over take us. They gain more power the more we hold them inside. We are social beings and it is important to have a place to release these anxieties so we can see them clearly together and make sense of it.

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Stresss & Anxiety Specialist - Carol Pilkington

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Venus Retrograde

Venus Retrograde starts Dec.19th.  Venus is the principle of what we value, from relationships with those in our lives to our relationship to money and business or any other possession…

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