Carol Pilkington

We live in a world of authority figures and experts. Some of us are “authority worshippers.” So how do we become our own authority?

My aim as I work with you is to assist you in becoming your own authority on every level. It is only through direct experience in which that can be accomplished.

Let me explain what I mean by “one’s own authority.” To be one’s own authority is to have a center, a core knowing that the deeper answers we are searching for are within us and absolutely cannot be gotten from external sources.

Having any inkling that we hold the answers is itself a leap and should not be taken lightly as it is only hearsay until it is experienced.

Each one of us has the capability to deeply know what is Truth and to live from that profound knowing. It is not mental knowing and it is deeper than intuition. For intuition is only a sense of something much like a hunch but not yet known.

What is necessary for inner knowing to be experienced?

Where does it come from?

How do I get there?

One doesn’t have to trust inner knowing, IT just is.

It is important to be clear of what you KNOW vs. what you Believe and be honest about what you do not know.

I work with people to discover those answers so they can become their own authority.

For a free half hour consultation on discovering your own inner knowing, contact me at 818-975-0587.


Working with Carol came at exactly the right time. The following week a conflict appeared and I was able to resolve it in a healthy and productive manner. Instead of wasting my energy on negativity I was able to spend it growing my business. That week I picked up three new clients. Her class made all the difference.
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I was drawn to this Intensive because I know that I often don’t feel like I matter and I know that this belief has held me back in life and honestly affects me each and every day in some way or another. The work we did was both very challenging and deeply effective. I have not felt the way I use to feel since. I feel headed in a new direction and more in touch with how to stay current with myself and what I’m feeling at any given moment. Thanks Carol for providing a wonderful space to share and be heard, and to go deeper in the thoughts, feelings and beliefs that are the fabric of my life. Now I know what I have to work with
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Carol Pilkington’s Intensive training and follow up was a gift of enlightenment. I have never done this type of intensive work before. I now have more awareness and understanding of others. Connecting with others and oneself is beautiful. It turns the key to my purpose and intentions. The time and energy moved fast and was highly rewarding. Be open to this journey with Carol and you will find success. She loves this work and makes you feel at peace
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