This 8 Week Workshop can change your life for the better

[Stresss & Anxiety Specialist - Carol Pilkington]
  • Feeling embarrassed?

  • Can’t talk openly about what is going?

  • Losing sleep?

  • Can’t concentrate?

  • Affecting your physical well-being?

  • Feelings of Overwhelm?

  • Guilt?

  • Feeling a weight on your chest?

  • Mind is always spinning?

  • Find it hard to trust?

You have a right to be happy, joy is your birthright. Anxiety is not our natural state. Love is our natural state of being and the opposite is fear.  When we are in fear the mind is confused and our ability to make sound and clear decisions and judgment is impaired. We can’t trust ourselves and it manifests outside as not being able to trust others.    

What You Can Expect:

•Weekly Discussion to further unpack what you are dealing with 

•Principles and data to help you understand how to work with the mind

•Practical and applicable tools that work to reduce and eliminate anxiety, stress and release the blocks that keep you stuck

Let’s bust through all of this together!

Register today for the low-cost of $595.00 (a value of $1200.00)