Carol Pilkington


Astrology can assist us to discover our own truth…

Astrology can be used to help us understand and accept how multi-dimensional we are and the many layers of the psyche. As we go through life we are often faced with questions about ourselves and others that are perplexing at best. We find that we look for ways to fix ourselves based on external information absorbed that we believe to be true.

Astrology is a useful tool to assist us to understand where we fit in the big picture of life based on our own unique abilities. It is important to discover what is our own expression in the world and accept the uniqueness of our individuality.

Astrology empowers us to accept ourselves and as that occurs it becomes easier to accept others and their uniqueness as well.

In the many developmental stages throughout life, Astrology can show us how we are doing and how we can navigate the challenges we may face along the way.Growing pains occur and we sometimes think that the dark moments will never pass or subside. Astrology can show us when we need to be patient and when we need to take action.

Astrology is a guide to provide clarity to questions that keep coming up from deep within that cannot be answered or resolved by conventional means.

It can lead an individual to reveal patterns of behavior, as well as understanding the influences from one’s past that have contributed to those behaviors.

It is a process in which one can regain self-power where there was a feeling of powerlessness.

It can provide clarity and order to the chaos and seeming randomness of life.