Carol Pilkington


What does it take to have successful relationships?

Whether it is a personal or business relationship we carry our beliefs about ourselves and others wherever we go.

Relationship mastery takes commitment by each person to be understood and accepted; to be heard without judgment and to be seen as we are in our most authentic nature.

Do you find it difficult to express what you really feel, need and want from others?

Do you seem to be able to express your needs and wants in business but not in your personal relationships? What is the nature of the split?

Do you feel you must defend your position at any cost?

Do you feel you must protect your feelings?

When you enter a room of people that you don’t know do you activate the shield around you? Would you like to be able to enter a room without the armor?

There is a difference between being defensive and protective and being open and discerning.

Are you yearning to have caring, loving and authentic relationships with your friends, loved ones and deeper connections to your business associates and clients?

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