Carol Pilkington


It’s always been my nature to be inquisitive…

At an early age I was asking questions about the nature of being human as I’m sure many of you were as well. Somehow over time those burning questions get quelled and life began to run me.

The training I have been through over the past ten plus years re-ignited that need to ask and understand and know the answers to those questions experientially.

It is important to ask questions in the proper way so as to receive the right answers that propel us forward.

To ask Why questions for example is an endless, fruitless venture. I’ve come to learn that the why of something really doesn’t matter. Furthermore, I have found those types of questions left me quite empty or unfulfilled. In asking why it perpetuates the inability to accept things as they are.

What and How questions can lead us to the answers from deep within that provide clarity and a feeling of completion and acceptance. They can take us deeper and deeper if we allow the process to unfold to get to the core of something. This is what leads us to enlightenment. It is similar to drilling for gold and it is an alchemical process if we have the courage to take that journey.

I have the training to assist a person to ask the questions and get to the answers that are buried within each of us. I work one-on-one and in groups.

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