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Astrological Counseling

The nature of astrological counseling is not based on an assumption that one needs fixing or is sick. It can be used to help a person uncover their highest potential. Astrological counseling can be a guide that can lead to a path of self-discovery that transcends our beliefs and conditioning based on one’s childhood, educational and cultural experiences. It can help us discover our true meaning and purpose, expand our perspective and enable us to feel more connected to Life.

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Disclaimer: This does not take the place of psychotherapy as I am not a licensed therapist and will recommend those services to anyone needing them. In fact, it can often be a complement to one’s therapy.

Spiritual Counselor - Carol Pilkington

Spiritual Counseling

First, the word spiritual has become a loaded word with many connotations. Simply, it means to be on a path of self-discovery leading to higher states of consciousness while being in the world.

As a spiritual mentor I combine over 30 years of metaphysical practice and training to assist a student on a path to deeper understanding and self-awareness. It doesn’t matter what one’s faith or religion or spiritual background, if any.

As a spiritual teacher I train and teach students either one-on-one or in a group setting to  learn how and what questions to ask in order to discover the answers from within and uncover one’s true nature. This enables one to live life on their own terms and to develop an unshakable inner knowing of who they really are.

Meditation Guide - Carol Pilkington

Mind Mastery Meditation Classes

Mind Mastery Meditation is about the practice of mindfulness in our daily life that goes beyond the techniques of meditation. We tend to want to jump from A immediately to Z in order to attain a quiet mind. As a result, people either don’t even begin a meditation practice or drop it soon after starting. Meditation amplifies what is going on internally and therefore takes discipline and courage.

In this class, you will not only learn a technique, you will also learn the steps that are often missed in order to sustain a practice such as impartially observing thoughts, feelings, emotions, etc. and how to work with and apply this practice in your daily lives. If nothing is applied, it can’t be lived. As you strengthen your witnessing, your ability to accept what is in the mind grows. This is what leads over time to quieting of the mind.

Do you want to focus better, be more productive, and understand the underlying beliefs that keep us from living our fullest potential? We will meet once a week, each week building on the other. There is a commitment of 4 weeks per session.

Classes now forming. Please contact me for further information.

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