Carol Pilkington

Instant Karma The Myth We’ve Created

NOWHERE in John Lennon’s song does it talk about retribution and punishment. Yet, ever since Karma was introduced to the Westerner, it has been twisted to instill fear (shame and guilt).  The song is about taking responsibility for Who we really are and owning it.  It is about love and shining that light from the inside out.  It is impossible to love from fear.


Repeatedly, I hear clients talk about Karma like a shadow of fear only inches behind them waiting for them to make a mistake and then cowering in fear waiting for the punishment.  This fear can be so crippling that we trip over ourselves as we are walking on the street to avoid stepping on every little bug in our path.  Karma is not about “paying it forward” and the moment we don’t, we get punished for it.  It is not simply about a continuous series of cause and effect.  Karma should not be experienced as a burden, rather as a conscious act and expression of our true nature. Read more

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