“What I have discovered in working with Carol is that I RUN from any type of confrontation. That I can tend to “live in the past” and she has given me tools that I use to remain “in the present.” It’s okay to be still, to feel whatever I am feeling with no judgment. This is all very freeing.

Bonnie Keith
Video Magic Productions

“I started working with Carol right at the beginning of the pandemic when my life turned completely upside down. I felt that constant empty, painful feeling in the pit of my stomach from the time I woke up to the time I went to sleep, and I felt helpless to it every day. I was utterly miserable and didn’t know what to do about it. I thought I was one of those people that understood myself deeply because I had been in therapy for a decade but little did I know, there was much more to discover if I really wanted to take control of my life. Carol was able to help me with what no one else was: to help me stop overindulging in my negative thoughts and emotions and letting it consume me on a daily basis. I had been told in therapy for a long time that I was in charge of my own life/self-esteem, but I never really understood what that meant until I had someone like Carol to help me understand and really apply that concept.

I was told for most of my life that I just needed some kind of medication to help ease the pain because my brain just didn’t work properly. Although I don’t denounce medication completely, I refused to just accept the fact that I had to depend on chemical fixes my entire life to exist “normally” in the world according to a doctor.

 Everybody’s problems are unique, and everyone needs help in different areas of life. Carol has the knowledge and practical tools to help her clients in a variety of ways to help others go inside themselves to find the true answers to their problems. If you decide to choose Carol as your counselor, prepare to start living your best and most fulfilled life. She provides nothing less than the best for her clients.”

Mindy Carr
(alias to protect privacy)

“Dear Carol, Thank you for the astrology reading! It was so helpful on various levels. I love your style of deeply listening to where someone is at and then offering your expertise, wisdom, and intuition. You are extraordinary! With gratitude…”

Dr. Lori Deutsch

“I was drawn to this Intensive because I know that I often don’t feel like I matter and I know that this belief has held me back in life and honestly affects me each and every day in some way or another. The work we did was both very challenging and deeply effective. I have not felt the way I use to feel since. I feel headed in a new direction and more in touch with how to stay current with myself and what I’m feeling at any given moment. Thanks Carol for providing a wonderful space to share and be heard, and to go deeper in the thoughts, feelings and beliefs that are the fabric of my life. Now I know what I have to work with.”

Sally Kraus

“I thought I knew enough about Astrology as I always had an interest in it but soon I realized I did not know a thing about it once I met Carol Pilkington. Carol created my natal chart, and from there a whole new world awaited me. I discovered how I could have a different perspective on business and my life due to what was going on with the planets. Suddenly, my energy shifted, I felt more hopeful and gained new insight on the world and my life. Astrology is not what you read in the papers or in magazines. It is a world where art and science to come together and Carol has a true gift of providing information about your life that you otherwise would not have known. At the time of my consultation, some business deals were not going through and I could not figure out why. When Carol explained that Mercury was in retrograde but that things would be taking off in a different more productive way for me after the retrograde, it calmed me, put my mind at ease and allowed me to focus on what was to come. You should work with Carol, you will be changed for the better forever!

Laurie Santos
Extreme Dream Training & Coaching

Carol is very trustworthy, and is a genuine good listener. She is able to draw out one’s fears / hidden emotions without judgment and provides practical solutions and tools to stay present in the moment and to observe what triggers actions & emotions at the time they’re happening in order to make clearer and more conscious choices.

Joyce Robertson
Founder of WIN-Networking and
Executive Director o Foundation for Senior Services

“Working with Carol came at exactly the right time. The following week a conflict appeared and I was able to resolve it in a healthy and productive manner. Instead of wasting my energy on negativity I was able to spend it growing my business. That week I picked up three new clients. Her class made all the difference.”

Lindey Lambert

“Carol Pilkington’s Intensive training and follow up was a gift of enlightenment. I have never done this type of intensive work before. I now have more awareness and understanding of others. Connecting with others and oneself is beautiful. It turns the key to my purpose and intentions. The time and energy moved fast and was highly rewarding. Be open to this journey with Carol and you will find success. She loves this work and makes you feel at peace.”

Christine King

You are an amazing person. Your astrology consultation has helped me shape my year like I never thought possible. It was so simple, so accurate, and so profound – thank you! This was the single best consultation I have have ever received. It speaks to me on a very deep intimate–spiritual level and I wanted to say thanks and congratulations on your wonderful gift of insight.”

Renee Walton

“I’ve had a my chart done several times throughout the years, in addition to working with psychics and spiritual advisors. Although I always received what I needed at the time, I’ve never experienced such clarity and understanding of my true self as I have when working with Carol. She has such an in-depth understanding of the planets and how they affect me as a person and spiritual being. Her explanations are so simple and clear that she almost makes it seem too easy! Yet, that’s what makes her work so profound. Often times, the closer we get to the truth, the harder it is to see, especially about ourselves. And that’s what Carol provides is clarity about who you are…the things deep down that you question, and provides confirmation of what you’re all about. If you’re looking for someone to tell you your future, find someone else. But, if you’re looking for someone to help you find YOU, so you can CREATE your future, call Carol.”

Sylvia Glad
Massage Therapist

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