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Carol offers customized workshops & presentations on a variety of life and work-focused topics. She is a dynamic, fun speaker who cares deeply about her audience and clients.

Below is a list of Carol’s most-requested topics…

Feedback Workshop - Carol Pilkington

Paying Attention to the Feedback
You’re Getting All the Time

We get feedback all the time. Unfortunately, we don’t always recognize it. Sometimes when we do get it we ignore or dismiss it. It comes in many forms, sometimes feedback is subtle and other times it is quite obvious.

We often doubt the feedback and don’t trust what we are receiving.  We are often looking in every else than what is right before us. It’s time to start paying attention and breakthrough the cobwebs of the mind. Here is what you can learn today:

  • What is Feedback (Hint – There is both Negative and Positive)
  • How to Recognize it When You Get it
  • How to Understand the Feedback You are Getting
  • How to Use it
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Intention vs. Goals – Flow Rather Than Force

Intention goes much deeper that setting objectives and goals of a plan or project.  Intention can be experienced as the Will of the Soul and in this regard there can be no force but must have flexibility, no concrete end but be a movement toward an over-arching mission. One must be able to shift and bend according to the needs of the moment.

We will discuss the specific differences between Intention and Goals as well as the energetic differences between the two.  In shifting viewing our purpose in life through intention rather than accomplishing goals, I will demonstrate how flow rather than force can help us achieve more than we ever imagined.

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Intentions vs. Goals Workshop - Carol Pilkington
Cycles of Action Workshop - Carol Pilkington

Completing Cycles of Action

If there has been one thing that has changed my life was the importance of completing cycles of action. Completing a cycle of action consists of a beginning, middle and end. A simple example of this is we leave our house, run an errand and return home.  This is a completed cycle of action.

We will talk about and discover the different types of cycles and how important it is to be aware of when a cycle is incomplete and how it affects our well-being and how we can complete them.  You will learn the value of completing cycles of action whether it is in the form of a project and all the tasks associated with it to our relationships with others

  • What is a Cycle of Action
  • What can impede or block completing a cycle of action
  • How completing cycles of action affects our quality of life
  • How to complete cycles of action
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