Stress & Anxiety Specialist - Carol Pilkington

I get you, truly! I know what it’s like to be immersed in paralyzing fear from all the what if scenarios one could imagine to just the day to day unknowns that no one can control.  I have walked around wondering when someone was going to call me out as the Fraud I felt I was.

With over 40 years combined training in astrological counseling, spirituality, personal development and deep transformational work Carol has learned the secret of how to rest quietly and comfortably in the vast Unknown and to appreciate the mystery and wonder that Life is.  She has learned how to silence the many voices that often tell us we’re not good enough, not worthy and yes the big one, you don’t matter and she can show you how as well.

With an eclectic background in spiritual, scientific, astrological and metaphysical teachings, systems and modalities Carol has the ability to present data, information and offer tools from many different sources that can be applied to each individual’s needs as they arise.

Carol is a graduate of the Sher Institute of Astrology & Metaphysics, Erhard Seminar Training (EST), and holds a certificate in End of Life Care from the Twilight Brigade through the Veterans Administration.  She is also an Ordained Non-Denominational Minister.

If you would like to have a conversation to see if we are a good fit for working together please to and we will be in touch soon after.

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