Beyond Conditioning & Belief Systems

What would your world look like and feel like if your mind was as quiet as a library or church?


Has meditation eluded you – Have you had trouble meditating in the past and just given up, saying it’s just not for me?


I’ve been where you are and I’ve said the same things.


Join me at the Free Introduction: Master Your Mind to Master Your Life – You Have the Power, where I will share with you:


What to do

  • So that you can begin to see what triggers you and why
  • So that you can begin to see what drives the automatic negative behaviors (i.e. I wish I hadn’t said that or done this) which leads to less “clean-up”

How not to be affected by words and language

  • So that you can be less reactive, calmer and clearer in the moment
  • So that your relationships can get even better

To develop your own inner knowing

  • So that you can be in a greater state of clarity, make decisions easier, handle challenges better, move ahead more quickly
  • So that you can be a better problem solver
  • So that you can become your own authority and less reliant on outside sources by trusting yourself and your intuition


March 3rd at 5PM Pacific, 8PM Eastern


March 12th at 9AM Pacific, 12PM Eastern

Carol provides practical solutions and tools to stay present in the moment and to observe what triggers actions & emotions at the time they’re happening in order to make clearer and more conscious choices.

Joyce Robertson, Founder of WIN-Networking/Executive Director of Foundation for Senior Services

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”
Albert Einstein

Having the courage to go inward and to understand how your mind works can set you free from it so that you can live in more joy, eliminate anxiety and stress, live from your true authentic center of Being with peace, power and authority and Love. That is our natural state.