Carol Pilkington

Connection Is…

Connection is the dance between lovers;
A warm caress.

Connection is divine like being wrapped in
a blanket of Love.

Connection is intense but not painful;
Enveloping but not smotheringDivine Connection -world-in-your-hands

Connection is tender, soft, gentle.
It is divinely intimate and sacred.

Connection is the source of creation.

When I am connected, I feel the Divine within
and around me. It’s boundless and free, unrestrained.

Carol Pilkington

Written May 17, 2015

Copywrite 2015

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  1. Dr. Dorine June 5, 2015

    This is quite beautiful, Carol. You’ve certainly described a great deal about one of our basic human needs. I do think though, that connection can also sometimes be painful, especially when it’s felt more on one side than the other, or when it’s misinterpreted or misaligned. I guess being so aware of that is one of the side effects of being a life coach! Still, I really enjoyed your poem.

    • Carol Pilkington June 9, 2015

      Thank you Dorine. The kind of connection I’m talking about is untethered and unattached to what another feels or doesn’t feel. It transcends the personal.

  2. Carol Pilkington June 9, 2015

    Thank you Julie. Feel free to share your link if you feel it is appropriate.


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