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What is Velocity?  It is the speed of acceleration from one state of being to another.

I was affected by a situation recently that was a shock to my system.  I could say it came from left field but as I looked closer the signs were there all along.  I just didn’t want to see their severity.  So  the nature of the shock when it hits is the accumulation of what is that becomes seen and made real fully.

It took me about a day to process what had happened and to be quite honest, I don’t think I’ll ever understand the core nature of it.  And that is really okay.  I don’t believe in cause and effect.  By the sheer fact of being human, which means we live in a world with other human beings, we are naturally affected by other there is no getting around it.  We cannot control others we can only control our own perceptions and responses.

At first there was the attempt to make sense of it, then anger, then profound sadness and loss, and lastly there was a resting in the acceptance of what IS.   When I got to this place of acceptance I realized I had returned to the natural state of Being which is Love.

What has velocity to do with all this?  I could still be stewing in the emotions and hold on to them like a blanket of comfort.  Instead I have consciously chosen (choice is a conscious act) to feel, see and accept each step of the process as fully as possible.  There is no force or timeline.  Yet, to fully see, allow and accept is the very thing that enables velocity and the ability to move from one state to another quickly.

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